The Ideal Addition to Every Dorm Room

February 16, 2009
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College is the time where many people really have to scrimp and save. With part time jobs and expensive books to purchase, a lot of life’s little luxuries go out the window. For many, this means trading whole organic fruit for boxed juice and numerous other budgetary cuts.  And it becomes immediately apparent that one of the biggest drains on a budget is a car.  Paying for gas, insurance, car payments, and maintenance can simply put a college student’s budget into a quick and detrimental tailspin.

For that reason, consider an electric scooter as your means of transportation.  These quick, small, and easy devices have many advantages.  If you live near a grocery store, for example, you won’t have to walk to that location.  Rather, you can just hop on your electric scooter and be there in no time.  They are also conveniently small, which means they are easily stored in your small (and cheap) apartment or your dorm room.  They also don’t use gas, which is yet another money saver. All you have to do is plug them into the wall.  This is so easy and it makes them more eco-friendly than a car, which is an entirely other benefit.

Groom Your Kid for the X Games

February 16, 2009
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Children's Electric Ride-On Vehicles

Lots of parents spend nights awake worrying about the safety of their children. They worry about where they are at night, if they’re safe drivers, if they’re making smart decisions, and more. While all of these are completely legitimate and reasonable concerns, it’s also good to embrace some of your kid’s inner wild child. Denying them everything will often result in your child simply rebelling against your constant mantra of “no, no, no.”

With that in mind, if your child displays an interest in extreme sports from an early age, don’t immediately resort to a negative answer. Rather, consider looking into kids electric ATVs. These don’t have any of the speed or danger associated with real ATVs, but developing these skills from an early age could truly result in a lucrative career in the future. While extreme sports used to just serve as a hobby, with the advent of the X Games and figures like Tony Hawk, a wild streak can actually result in a real career.

Electric UTV’s

February 1, 2009
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     Welcome to green farming!  Do you own a farm, ranch, vineyard or orchard and are you interested in cleaning up your carbon footprint?  Are you into organic farming?  Then maybe an electric utitlity vehicle(UTV) heavy duty workhorse is your answer.  They are very low maintaince, with no fuel costs.  All you have to do with these electric vehicles is to plug them in and charge them from time to time.

      The electric UTV’s are a great substitute for the pick-up truck or tractor on the farm. They might even replace your horse or you having to walk.  They can be used on farms, ranches, vineyards, orange and lemon groves, orchards, in the forest, and at nurseries.

Electric UTV

     Some of the ways that they you can use them are to inspect your livestock and crops, or to repair and inspect fences, or to inspect and repair irrigation.  They are also handy to transport supplies and tools around your property.   These electric UTV’s are great to pull farming implements that you normally would have to pull with a tractor.  You could apply seed, or organic fertilizer or even organic sprays for crops.  Besides these uses, you could also cultivate, mow, and even plow snow. They can be great haulers to feed the animals too.  

      The electric UTV’s are also useful on construction sites. They can be used to haul supplies, such as tools, cement or dirt around the job site.  Some models even have a bed with hydraulic lifts for dumping dirt, sand, gravel, etc.   These are useful, quiet, and almost maintenance free.  They are cleaner and do not even need oil changes, or oil.

Electric ATV Hunting!

January 31, 2009
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     Hunting with ATV’s is becoming increasingly more popular.  They make it easier to access harder to reach locations and to help with carrying materials and supplies.  You can easily and conveniently haul your harvested game back to your vehicle after the hunt.

Camo Electric ATV

     Imagine: No Gas! No Noise! No Fumes!  Electric ATV’s are very quiet, leave little or no scent, and do not smell or pollute the air.  One benefit to an electric ATV is that you will not have the noise conflict with other hunters.  An elecric ATV will be less likely to chase away the deer and elk.  You will be able to sneak up on the wild game easier.  Camouflage colored clothes and ATVs can help you hunt undetected. The camouflage clothes also serve as protective gear and helps to make you appear almost invisible.

     An electric ATV can help you to go faster, farther and to have fun!  You have no tune-ups, because you can let an electric ATV sit as long as you like – all you have to do is plug it in to charge it up and you will be ready to go anytime.

     It would be a good idea to research the rules and regulations of the area in which you will be hunting, by contacting the BLM, Forest Service, Office of State Lands or State Parks.  You can park your ATV at a reasonable distance from the hunting area, get off your ATV and hunt on foot.  It is important to stay on existing roads or trails, so you do not contribute to vegetation and soil erosian.  You will need to avoid wet areas during wet weather conditions.  Most of all remember to respect your fellow hunters!

Mobility Solutions As We Get Older

January 26, 2009
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Electric Mobility Scooter

If you are getting on in years but pride yourself on independence, then there is a vehicle that is well suited to your needs.  Electric mobility scooters are flexible, handy and just what you need to help you get your errands done with limited effort.  Because the need for such vehicles is rapidly increasing, manufacturers have come up with all kinds of scooters that vary in design, price, and features.  There’s truly a scooter designed for everyone. 
Here are some potential benefits to owning an electric mobility scooter:

1.    Scooters gives you the ability to move around the house and are less cumbersome to operate than a wheelchair.
2.    Scooters gives you a sense of independence, as you do not need the help of others to operate it.
3.    Scooters allows you to take up other activities that you may have been required to give up.
4.    Because scooters are fast becoming popular, prices will soon be more affordable.
5.    Scooters are lightweight, do not make a lot of noise, and are easy to operate.

Electric Scooters for Kids!

January 26, 2009
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There has been an increase in demand for scooters these days.  We see scooters in the busy urban streets, scooters in the suburbs, even scooters in the school districts.  With the sudden appearance of these motorized vehicles, it’s no wonder kids are clamoring for their own childrens electric scooter.  Kids want to be able to motor along the side streets and sidewalks.

Childrens electric scooters are miniaturized versions of the larger, bulkier adult scooters.  They are eco-friendly because they do not use gas, but are still rather powerful through use of a small electric motor.  As an added bonus, these kid-friendly scooters produce less noise, virtually no pollutants, and come in a variety of designs.  When considering a purchase for your child, it’s wise to ensure that the appropriate safety gear is used.

Small Electric Scooter Safety

January 22, 2009
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     I consider small electric scooters as light weight, with a foot deck between two smaller wheels and without a seat.  They are propelled by a motor and controlled by an upright steering handle.  They can travel between 10 – 15 MPH, so you need to use caution when riding.  Always wear a helmet when riding because scooters can be dangerous if not used properly.  Wearing a helmet can prevent many head injuries.  You should also wear elbow and knee pads, plus good shoes, when riding small electric scooters.  They can go quite fast and falls can happen to the best riders.  Good protection can help prevent multiple lacerations.

     They should not be operated in traffic, on wet, frozen, oily, or unpaved surfaces.  Also one should avoid all uneven surfaces, potholes, surface cracks, and obstacles, dirt and gravel.

     Young children should be supervised when they ride, until you are sure they are mature enough to ride.  They need to have good motor skills, and eye - hand co-ordination to ride a small scooter.  They should be able to multitask, balance and steer all at the same time.  The brakes are designed to control speed as well as stop the small scooter.  Practice braking for proper slowing down and smooth stops.  Watch so that kids do not dart out into the street from the driveway.  The minimum recommended age for riding a small electric scooter is 10 years old.

Do You Crave the Independance to Get Around Town?

January 20, 2009
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Mobility Scooter

Electric Mobility Scooter

     As people age they often find it difficult to walk longer distances because of arthritis, bad knees, bad hips, etc.  If you find it difficult to walk long distances outdoors and don’t want activities to be out of reach an maybe an electric mobility scooter could be the answer.  Maybe you would not have to rely on others to get around.

     Some mobility scooters can help you get around because they navigate over a variety of outdoor surfaces.  This will allow you to drive to the grocery store quickly or run other errands.  You could enjoy a ride through the park or just cruise around town, providing you the feeling of freedom and accomplishment.

     Mobility scooters are available in all shapes and sizes.  Besides the electric wheel chairs, there are foldable, lightweight and heavy duty models, and three and four wheel models.  The three wheel models are usually lighter than the four wheel scooters.  Three wheel scooters that have handle bars instead of a joy stick are better for outdoor use, due to a higher turning radius.  Some have storage, baskets, headlights, horns, and blinkers.  When purchasing an electric mobility scooter you need to consider size, weight, and battery capacity, as well as if you are going to be riding it inside or outside. There is a large price range from a few hundred dollars for cheap and reconditioned models to several thousand dollars for full size three or four wheeled scooters.  There are scooters to fit every budget and lifestyle.

     Just Plug and Go!  Plug in the charger and in a few hours you are good for a few more days and miles of independance.  Electric mobility scooters are great because there is no noise or pollution to the environment.

      The electric mobility scooter may be the best investment you ever make, because it will give you back your independance and freedom as your own personal vehicle.

High Tech Batteries

January 19, 2009
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Electric Moped

Electrical Battery technology is going to begin to drive many things in our lives besides our laptop computers.  Electric Mopeds are now able to go up to 60 miles per hour.  However they are all coming from Asia. We are all waiting for the first fully electric car to come on the market, and be affordable to middle America. 

This high tech battery technolgy was first invented in the USA, but American companies did not forsee a profitable future for the industry.  As a consequence Asian companies picked up the technolgy and went with it using their low cost labor.  Now all electrically powered transportation including Toyota’s Prius is invented in Asia.

However, a conglomerate of about ten American groups and companies have decided recently to get together and research this field and start to produce these high powered batteries here.  Now that high tech batteries seem to be the way of the future and a very profitable business,  Americans want to get on board and become the new leaders in this technolgy.  It will be so great when high tech battery powered items are invented and manufactured in our country and become affordable.

Electric Mountain Bikes

January 19, 2009
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Electric Bicycle

Mountain biking can be fun for all ages of people, and with new technologies, is accessible to most anyone.  Recently companies have developed mountain bikes that have small electric motors which typically operate on the rear tire.  These electric bikes can greatly assist getting up and over difficult terrain, making mountain bike trails only accessible to extraordinarily fit individuals usable to anyone. 
In addition, electric bikes do require pedaling assistance, so you can still get quite a workout even as the bike is propelling you across terrain.  They’re also great for riding in urban locations or just around the block with friends and family.